Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Apartment!

First off, I apologize for the gap in posts, as I moved into my first apartment and started my junior year of college at the end of August and have been slammed beyond belief.

Quick story: My mom and I went to IKEA to buy furniture for my room since it's completely unfurnished. We decided on the MALM queen bed frame in birch veneer, MALM 4-drawer dresser in birch veneer, and the MICKE desk in white/birch veneer. I also purchased a roll-packed queen memory foam mattess, the Sultan Finnvik. We weren't planning on getting everything that day, but it just sort of happened, and more impressively, it all happened to fit in the back of my mom's Toyota Highlander, with room to spare.
There was a whole bit of drama with the move in for my apartment. Long story short: two days before move in our apartment wasn't ready, they were going to put my roommate and I in a hotel for about a week with storage and hopefully our apartment would be ready by next week. The next day they called back and told us we could move into a two bedroom one and a half bath townhome instead with a larger floorplan, and pay the same amount we would have been paying. Of course we jumped on the offer. Anything to stay out of a hotel for the first week of classes.

My brand new organization the UNT chapter of SEPA (Student Event Planners Association) was officially approved by the CMHT board (College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism) so we have been promoting like crazy for our first meeting coming up and have gained the interest of about 175 potential members! Which is incredible! We have worked so hard to get this organization's third chapter in existence established here at UNT and we are just getting started.

The first few days of move in I was going non stop, hardly sleeping, and panicking all over the place. It was so stressful but it resulted in a pretty little apartment that still isn't quite finished.

Here's my room!

 Those two doors on the walls are my closet... It's at least twice as big as the one I have at home.

I get a really nice and relaxing beachside vibe from my room. Especially with the incandescent lighting from my lamps. It's still a bit of a work in progress but it's generally the same. 

The downstairs isn't quite finished yet, and I don't have pictures because it isn't anything special. There's a couch, tiny tv, wine rack, a few pictures hung, and a HUGE space for a dining room table that is currently in Austin.

A few days ago Jen called me and told me our upstairs toilet was acting up and she came downstairs to find a stream of water coming from the ceiling in the dining room. She sent me this picture to the right and called emergency maintenance and they shut the water off and said the seal of something or other for the toilet hadn't been properly done so they'd get someone out here to fix it the next morning. Nobody showed, and we went to office and they said they'd get someone out there the following morning around 8:30 am.
Today, I went to class around 8:30 and came back around noon. It was obvious that they'd come in and looked at it, but nothing is fixed, and it is now 9:30 on a Friday night, and we're no where close to having a working toilet upstairs yet. Lovely.
We've had many problems and the complex maintenence is incredibly slow to fix anything, so we've adopted the idea that when they say they will complete your request, you add on 4 or 5 days to that estimate for good measure.

 In the mean time, you can see a piece of the sheetrock and plaster from our ceiling in the dining room here. This is what we get to look at on a daily basis. So... that's awesome...

All that's really missing now is this little kitty cat sleeping on my bed! I'm going to next weekend to get her and bring her up here! :) I could not be more excited to see my babycat.

And I will leave you with a last remark. I'd heard it a million times and found it incredibly annoying . I figured it wouldn't happen to me, but it has in a way. And I can't say that I enjoy it much. But moving off campus in college and into your first apartment really does make it much harder to hang out with people on a regular basis. You have to make plans with people if you want to see them instead of just running around campus with everyone and always being together. It's not all bad. You don't have to hang out with the people you don't like, but you tend to miss some of the ones you do. Cliche and overused, but it's true.